Absolute genius reveals Taylor Swift’s master plan with Travis Kelce on TikTok

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are reportedly “quietly hanging out,” and that vague tip was all the content machine needed to work into overdrive. Jason Kelce was asked about the rumors after the Philadelphia Eagles’ win on Thursday Night Football this week, while our James Dator is already envisioning what their breakup will look like from a songwriting perspective.

While everyone wants to know what’s really going on with Swift and Kelce, a woman on TikTok already seems have to have figured the whole thing out. Her theory on why Swift is hanging out with Kelce starts with a simple premise: Taylor Swift is from Pennsylvania, and is an Eagles fan. “Hanging out” with Kelce is all part of her masterplan. Watch the nearly four-minute TikTok video here revealing why Swift and Kelce are really spending time together here:

As someone currently engaged to a Swiftie who is addicted to TikTok, I can confirm TikTok is full of really wild Taylor Swift theories. Props to this woman for putting in the work, and showing us a full five-month roadmap for how Swift’s latest purported fling could really end up.

Of course, Taylor Swift has already turned down the Super Bowl halftime show this year — unless that’s all part of her plan. If you hear about her dropping a 10-minute version of “Mastermind,” then this is really all coming together.

Kelce missed the Chiefs’ Week 1 loss to the Lions with a knee injury. He’s questionable for Week 2, but seems like he’s going to try to play. The Chiefs need Kelce back on the field the same way the sports content machine needs an update on whatever he’s got going on with T. Swift.

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