Aethir and GameSwift team up on Web3 gaming

Aethir and GameSwift have teamed up on a Web3 gaming project that combines a modular gaming chain with decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Aethir offers graphics processing units (GPUs) as a service, where it can take unused GPUs and marshal them into a decentralized cloud infrastructure to power Web3 networks for game comapnies.

Today, Aethir is launching an integration with GameSwift, a modular layer 2 built on the OP Stack. The GameSwift Modular Chain powers GameSwift’s platform, player IDs, and desktop game launcher for Windows and MacOS.

Through the integration with Aethir, GameSwift will make distributed and scalable cloud gaming infrastructure accessible to game publishers and players worldwide while powering new Instant Play experiences for the hundreds of games in the GameSwift Launcher. 

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“Utilizing Aethir’s advanced compute capabilities empowers our community to access unprecedented gaming capabilities,” said Wojciech “Pan Paragraf” Gruszka, CEO of GameSwift, in a statement. “By transcending challenges in traditional gaming, we can offer developers the tools to create more sophisticated and immersive experiences and unlock the ability for mass onboarding of users worldwide cost-efficiently.”

GameSwift is building a Steam-like platform called GameSwift Launcher, a standalone desktop app that lets users download games from GameSwift’s cloud servers and run multiple games quickly and efficiently.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the GameSwift Launcher fused AI, gaming, and crypto in a new version powered by GS-Force AI, which introduced the ability for players to opt into monetizing the computing power of their gaming PCs for AI and machine learning computations.

“GameSwift shares our vision for making decentralized Web3 gaming more accessible and scalable,” said Paul Thind, chief revenue officer of Aethir, in a statement. “By integrating AI and GPU power, GameSwift introduces a platform that provides innovative monetization opportunities for gamers. This innovative solution harnesses the immense GPU power of gaming computers, offering a win-win scenario for gamers and AI developers alike. Together, we’re focused on setting a new industry standard for the future of gaming.”

The GameSwift Launcher introduces the revolutionary “Play and Earn” model, offering gamers the benefits of gaming enjoyment and earning potential. With over 150 titles available for download, including popular games like World of Tanks and Metin2, the GameSwift library continues to expand, with plans to reach 1000 titles by the end of 2024. When gamers finish playing, they can opt-in for their graphics cards to seamlessly transition to powering AI operations, transforming idle time into earnings.

By integrating Aethir’s infrastructure with GameSwift’s gaming ecosystem, both companies empower individuals worldwide to contribute premium cloud computing power, enhancing gaming experiences and fostering a decentralized, community-driven cloud network.

Additionally, Aethir Edge, the enterprise-grade mining AI device integrated with Aethir’s distributed GPU cloud infrastructure, can now be utilized by games from the GS store for cloud gaming services. Edge combines powerful computing, exclusive earning, and decentralized access in one device, unlocking the true potential of DePIN.

This collaboration enhances GameSwift’s gaming ecosystem, benefits Edge holders, and strengthens the Aethir community, paving the way for a more accessible and scalable future in Web3 gaming, the companies said. Aethir has raised $130 million and it has 157 employees.

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