ALA Studio puts a gender-inclusive spin on classic saloon design for Talea’s West Village locale

Since launching in 2017, Asian- and woman-owned firm ALA Studio has garnered a reputation for gender-inclusive and empowering design. It’s not rocket science, then, that New York’s first women-owned brewery, Talea Beer, approached the office to design its first Manhattan taproom. The West Village outpost effuses classic saloon design through its use of exposed brick, brass accents, and decorative molding, but Talea is treated with a colorful, sun-drenched twist.

Saffron and mango tiling, a mauve-stained white oak bar, and red dining chairs create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The open dining room gives way to a hybrid dining and work area, restrooms lined with portraits of gender activists, and an intimate seating area, The Snug. Blue walls, brass dottie sconces, and a reclaimed fireplace mantel decorate the space.


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