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Bible verse of today: The prophet Isaiah foretold the peace and righteousness of Jesus.

“For instruction shall be sent out of Zion, and the word from the Lord will come from Jerusalem. He will judge among the nations and arbitrate for many peoples; their swords shall be turned into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift swords against nation; nor shall they learn war anymore” (Isaiah 2;3b-4).

These Old Testament verses (half of Isaiah 2; all of Isaiah 2:4) are where the prophet Isaiah speaks about God’s ability to bring peace among those who are at war.

These are the lessons faith leaders suggest we can apply in today’s divided society.

The whole chapter 2 of Isaiah contains a vision of Christ’s kingdom or interest being “enlarged” as well as the glory of Christ’s church in the latter days, notes.

Verses 1-9 specifically discuss the “calling to the Gentiles”, the spread of the gospel, and the far greater preaching of it yet, as noted on the same site. says that this is not “peace of surrender” but rather the peace of enforced righteousness.

This site also pointed out that “There would not be more war and no longer need for spears or swords,” so it was sensible to convert them into plowshares as well as pruning hooks. Jesus Christ will reign as the new ruler of this earth.

These passages show God as judge and arbiter, and the source of peace and goodwill among those who once fought one another.

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is the pastor of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Indian Land, South Carolina.

He said, “The prophet Isaiah gives a strong account of the work of God amongst the nations to bring forth peaceful,”

“Jerusalem is a mother to all peoples and she will teach and mediate peace among her children,” he said, “even turning war weapons into instruments of loving servitude.”

Fr. Kirby offered a prayer to the Father for the suffering of this age.

We ask for peace, Almighty Father. Calm our tension. Help neighbor to neighbor. Encourage nations to respect one another and serve each other. Your peace will triumph in our homes. Peace be the victor in today’s world. Amen.”

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