BIG Festival Awards: Best game goes to Chants of Sennaar

The award for best game went to Chants of Sennaar at the BIG Festival Awards.

The game is 2023 adventure video game developed by Rundisc and published by Focus Entertainment. It also gets a check for 5,000 reais, about $1,000.

Momodora won the honor of best Brazilian game, while best game for Latin America was awarded to Arranger.

The BIG Festival awards at Gamescom Latam ceremony took place in the evening on Friday night, as thousands of fans looking at the games on the show floor were still there.

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While the Brazilians are proud of their progress, including their newfound legal recognition for the game industry, they also recognize how far they have to go in introducing the games of Brazil to the rest of the world. There are more than 1,000 Brazilian game studios with more than 13,000 game developers.

A representative from the mayor’s office of Sao Paolo took the stage first. He recounted how the local government collaborated to bring Gamescom, which runs the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, to Sao Paolo to join the existing BIG Festival to make the event bigger and better.

More than 100,000 people are expected this year, said Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of Gamescom Latam, in an interview with GamesBeat. Last year, the show drew 50,000.

big awards 3
The crowd at the BIG Festival Awards in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Ricardo Nunes’ representative said about 3 million reais ($536,327) will be dedicated to game studios in Sao Paolo for support of gaming. The local government will offer free training in game development for people in the community who are underrepresented.

big awards 4
BIG Awards co-hosts.

“We are betting big hugely on this industry,” the representative said.

More awards will be awarded over the weekend, including the award for best game voted upon by the attendees.

The winners

big awards 6
The leaders of Abra Games at the BIG Festival awards: Carolina Caravana and Rodrigo Terra.

The “Best pitch from regional associations for games” award went to Dark Crown, a roguelite dungeon crawler game.

Best mobile game went to What the Car.

Best casual game went to Station to Station, a casual training buiding game.

Best Audio went to Dordogne.

big awards 7
The makers of Extremely Powerful Capybaras win an award at the BIG Festival awards.

Best art went to Harold Halibut.

Best innovative game went to Cryptmaster.

Best multiplayer went to Extremely Powerful Capybaras.

Best narrative went to Once Upon a Jester, a story of Jester and Sok, two friends who go on a journey.

big awards 8
The makers of Sky Climb brought their whole team on stage.

Best XR/VR game went to Sky Climb. They brought their whole team on stage. The inspiration was Super Mario Bros. 3. They said VR rocks.

Best gameplay went to Pacific Drive, a first-person driving survival game.

big awards 9
Arranger: A role-puzzling adventure won for best game for Latin America.

Best game for Latin America went to Arranger: A role-playing adventure.

Best Brazilian game Momodora. Zet Zillions was the honorable mention winner. The winner got 5,000 reais.

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