Bijan Robinson is one of only a few people who still have a perfect March Madness bracket

Did your bracket get busted on Thursday? Yeah, most everyone’s did. Between BYU falling to Duquense and Kentucky’s stunning loss to Oakland almost nobody is waking up on Friday morning with the whole thing intact.

Well, except for Bijan Robinson and a very few others.

The Falcons running back is one of 0.0054 percent of people who still have a perfect bracket intact. In terms of how many perfect brackets are left, the NCAA is saying it’s about 2,100 total in the world — and Bijan has one of them.

It remains to be seen how long this perfect bracket will last, because he has some BOLD picks coming up on Friday. I respect that he didn’t go chalk for any of this bracket, because some of the big picks coming up are:

  • Western Kentucky (15) over Marquette (2)
  • Grand Canyon (12) over St. Mary’s (5)
  • Grand Canyon then beating Alabama (4) in the second round
  • Texas (7) over Tennessee (2)
  • Washington State (7) over Iowa State (2)

If these all play out I’m asking him for the lottery numbers. Meanwhile, Bijan is taking it all in stride.

Turns out this do-everything running back really can do everything.

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