Blendily Introduces Eagle Eyes Eye Elixir

Blendily has introduced Eagle Eyes Eye Elixir, a brand-new eye treatment that is housed in a roller ball application to target dark spots and creases.
Balm of Gilead Oil is the star ingredient in this product. Black Cottonwood Buds are infused in Olive Oil to capture the healing sap produced by this tree native to the Pacific Northwest. The scent of Balm of Gilead Oil is deep, resinous, and warm and this oil is excellent for nourishment and healing of dry, chapped, skin.
Clary Sage, Wild Carrot, and Black Pepper Essential Oils also lend their anti-inflammatory, and blood-circulatory therapeutic properties to make this an effective treatment to increase flow in the eye region.
“There can be a lot of stagnant energy that accumulates under the eyes. By doing regular lymphatic massage in combination with an eye treatment such as Eagle Eyes, we can all benefit from increasing the blood circulation and flow to the area,” said Blendily Founder Ivy Chuang.
Earlier this year, Blendily introduced Actually Avacado soap in bar & liquid versions.

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