BMW M4 facelift brings more power and lower prices

Inside, the 4 Series and M4 retain their dual-screen infotainment and instrumentation displays, measuring 14.9in and 12.3in. The software has been updated from version 8.0 to 8.5, with enhanced voice controls for the climate functions.

The ambient lighting has been extended into area above the central air vents, with a choice of nine different colours that automatically respond to stimuli such as an open door or an incoming phonecall.

The M4 Competition xDrive Coupé now costs £84,250, down from £86,665. However, that’s up on the £83,810 asked for the now-dropped rear-wheel-drive model.

2024 BMW 4 Series convertible driving – rear quarter

Similarly, the 420i coupé is now £43,020, down from £44,180.

However, the soft-tops are mostly more expensive than previously: the 420i Convertible is £49,695, £170 more than before, and the M440i Convertible is £65,410, an increase of £1230.

The only one to have fallen in price is the M4 Convertible, which is now £88,255 – down by £2010.

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