BODEN, TREMP and SLCTY eye bounce despite Bitcoin’s struggles

  • Solciety (SLCTY) is a new PolitiFi token on Solana.
  • BODEN and TREMP are two of the top PolitiFi meme coins that could experience volatility this week.
  • Despite Bitcoin’s struggles, the Biden vs. Trump debate may be a huge catalyst.

Most meme coins have traded lower in the past week, with recent gains evaporating amid broader market declines. But while Bitcoin continues to struggle to signal potential downside continuation, top politics-related meme coins are targeting a likely catalyst in this week’s US presidential debate.

PolitiFi tokens to watch include Donald Tremp (TREMP) and Jeo Boden (BODEN). Also likely to make huge moves in the sector is Solciety (SLCTY), the new “political party for degens” that recently launched on Solana.

Bitcoin dips to near $60k again as bears strengthen

Bitcoin price fell to near $61,000 on Monday as a confluence of factors helped bears reiterate their presence in the market. Macroeconomic factors have played their part in recent weeks, as has increased sell-off pressure from miners and large BTC holders.

The downturn today comes amid news that defunct crypto exchange Mt.Gox has plans to start repayments for creditors in July. Bears have reacted strongly to the news, and could pull BTC to the psychological $60,000 threshold.

In May, Bitcioin fell to near $56k amid post-halving declines tempered with other downside catalysts. But despite these short-term declines, the overall long term view for the flagship cryptoccurrency is bullish.

BODEN, TREMP eye debate week bounce

Although the political meme coins space has cooled in the past week or so, temperatures are expected spike again as the US heads for its first televised debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

That event comes on Thursday, June 27, 2024 – the first face-off between the incumbent Biden and former president Trump. Crypto, and political memecoins, or PolitiFi tokens, are likely to see some volatility related to the debate.

Apart from MAGA (TRUMP) and Super Trump (STRUMP), two tokens likely to be meme coins limelight will be Jeo Boden (BODEN) and Doland Tremp (TREMP). None of these coins have a direct connection with the political figures. Nonetheless, political satire and viral moments have created an environment for meme coin speculation.

In this case, comments on crypto and hints at policy shifts could provide a trigger. TREMP and BODEN, which are trading 330% and 290% since their respective all-time lows in March, are two of the meme coins investors may be watching keenly.

Is Solciety the new PolitiFi token to watch?

Jeo Boden and Donald Tremp currently top the politics-related meme coins market on the Solana blockchain.

However, there’s a new contender for the best PolitiFi tokens – the newly launched Solciety (SLCTY) token.

Solciety launched on June 18, offering a 30-day presale for its SLCTY token at the starting price of $0.0015. 

While a new entrant in the buzzing PolitiFi sector, Solciety comes loaded as “the political party for degens.” What this means is that Solciety is a platform that degens can tap into for a chance to exploit current opportunity behind politics and elections.

Solciety raised over $300k in less than 48 hours as traders and enthusiasts floecked to the token’s presale. However, its not its meme coin price potential that’s creating the biggest wave. It’s this Solana-based project’s best feature – the Meme Campaigner Tool.

A basic description of the tool is that this is what meme enthusiasts can leverage to create viral Solciety-branded memecoins. Top creations in the ecosystem that users characters such as Donald Pump and Badamir Putin stand a chance to win SLCTY as the creations go viral.

Currently, Solciety in stage 2 of the presale, with SLCTY price up to $0.00175. Ahead of a potential bullish flip for meme coins, the low price may offer a good opportunity to join.

Learn more or buy Solciety on its official presale page.

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