Coradin’s GREENIS Dispenser Wins AMERISTAR 2023 Award

The Californian-based brand Dermalogica (one of Unilever’s Prestige Brands) selected Coradin, a French manufacturer based in the Alpes-Maritimes region, to replace the existing packaging for the Clear Start range and to develop a more environmentally friendly pack.
With the aim of improving the consumer experience and the sustainability performance of its packaging, the Dermalogica Clear Start brand selected and developed the GREENIS dispenser along with Coradin for the brand’s Breakout Clearing Booster.
Key highlights of the collaboration, according to Coradin, include:

  • Innovation: Traditionally, dosing droppers are made of heavy glass or multi-materials. The new dropper innovation combines durability and ease of use in intuitive e-commerce packaging.

  • Retained aesthetics and improved ergonomics: The brand identity and perception of quality have been preserved while making this pack more durable than the previous one. “The side actuation offers a more precise and intuitive gesture for comfortable and precise dispensing.”

  • Recycled content: Packaging uses greater than 75% post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Recyclable in PP flow: The dropper is made of greater than 97% Polypropylene (PP) except the side actuation button in TPE, compatible with PP recycling flow (<3% by weight). The selected TPE is compatible with the PP recycling stream as certified by the independent Cyclos institute.

  • Manufacturing/supply chain: Packaging does not need to be assembled on new packaging machines, avoiding additional filling costs. By reducing the weight of packaging, Coradin says they reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the impact on the environment compared to old packaging. In addition, the supplier says, it also lowers shipping costs for e-commerce.

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