Cozy Up With This Comfy Knit Sweater for Those Chilly Evenings – Just $10!

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There are still plenty of cooler times left throughout spring and summer, and though most of them happen to be at night when the sun goes in, that means you’ll want to have at least a few pieces that can keep you warm. If you put up all your long-sleeved tops and wear spaghetti tops all the time, you won’t have anything to rely on when things get a little chilly. We found a great, affordable pick at Walmart that’s $30 off right now.

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The Somer V-Neck Knit Sweater is just $10, down from its $40 price tag. It’s a comfortable, warm V-neck sweater that has a fun knit pattern. The lightweight rib knitted block design makes it the perfect candidate for throwing on over a camisole when the wind picks up and you start to shiver, or when the sun goes in and the temperature drops as it often does. Even if you just buy it to pack away and use next year when the seasons swing back around to winter, it’s a great price to support buying and stacking for another time.

Get the Somer V-Neck Knit Sweater for just $10 at Walmart! 

Right now, this sweater is only available in grey, but it’s the perfect color and should go with just about any piece in your wardrobe. Plus, since it’s just $10, you can always figure out a way to make it fit into your current wardrobe even if it isn’t the shade you were looking for. You just can’t beat this price, and Walmart has been the go-to place for all these fantastic deals lately, after all.

Get the Somer V-Neck Knit Sweater for just $10 at Walmart! 

If you’re looking to build up your wardrobe and need a few more warm pieces to round things out, you won’t want to miss out on this deal. Be sure to add it to your cart right now!

Get the Somer V-Neck Knit Sweater for just $10 at Walmart! 

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