Did Jeremy Clarkson break Adrian Newey’s next F1 destination?

Earlier this Formula 1 season it was confirmed that Adrian Newey would be leaving Red Bull. The fact that arguably the greatest designer and engineer in the sport’s history would soon leave the team instantly sent shockwaves throughout the paddock ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. From hospitality space to hospitality space, praise poured in for Newey from former Red Bull drivers, and speculation grew about where he could land.

However, did Jeremy Clarkson give the game away on the grid ahead of the British Grand Prix?

The former Top Gear host was speaking with Viaplay Sport Nederland and offered up what he called an “exclusive” with the interviewer, before sharing the following:

“I know Adrian Newey is house hunting in Oxfordshire, not Maranello.”

You can see the exchange here:

Why could this matter? If true, it could be a sign that Newey would be forgoing the rumored move to Ferrari — and their headquarters in Maranello — and instead to Williams, located just down the road from Oxfordshire.

Of course, some context. Rumors in Formula 1 always require a grain of salt before the pen is put to paper, and in this case, some scuttlebutt offered up by the Top Gear host may require even more salt than a grain or two. Could Clarkson truly be in the know, or is this just a chance for writers like me to bang out a few paragraphs of breathless speculation?

It could likely be the latter, especially with the news that Enrico Cardile is leaving Ferrari for Aston Martin, opening up a spot for Newey at Ferrari. But there is reason to think that Newey would be intrigued by a move to Williams. After all, he spent six seasons with Williams in the 1990s, helping the team win five straight Constructors’ Championships. Some of the cars Newey designed at Williams, such as the FW14B and the FW15C, stand among the most dominant in the sport’s history.

For those interested in more, Newey’s book How to Build a Car details how those — and more — cars of his were designed throughout his incredible career.

And now we wait to see if Clarkson is right, and that career comes somewhat full circle with a return to Williams.

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