Donte DiVincenzo trolls Pacers by comparing Tyrese Haliburton to Ben Simmons

Pacers vs. Knicks has been a tight series with the Knicks making a statement in Game 5 on Tuesday night with a 121-91 win. Now there’s some budding beef, with Donte DiVincenzo taking shots at Tyrese Haliburton — comparing him to Ben Simmons.

Haliburton has been very uneven this playoffs battling through a laundry list of injuries. The 2023-24 All Star played his best basketball this season — but it’s clear that he’s just not able to compete at his full potential right now.

After averaging 20.1 points and 10.9 assists during the regular season, Haliburton is now barely able to make an impact. Totally shut down in Game 5 thanks to the Knicks defense, it’s now led to getting clowned on by DiVincenzo who is having tremendous fun comparing his play to the routing choking Ben Simmons did in the playoffs when he was with the 76ers.

The Pacers has been on the Knicks nerves ever since Rick Carlisle suggested that the Knicks were getting preferential treatment from refs because they’re a big market team. Haliburton pushed back against that idea, but that hasn’t stopped him being the focus of memes.

It’s a tough world out there.

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