e.l.f. Launches Entrepreneurial Skill-Building Experience in Roblox

e.l.f. Cosmetics and e.l.f. SKIN are launching a Roblox game, e.l.f. UP!, to strengthen entrepreneurial skills as Gens Z and Alpha join the workforce.
e.l.f. UP! takes users on a dynamic, personalized journey to become successful entrepreneurs and cultural changemakers, with a special focus on social impact and skill-building for Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Informed by e.l.f.’s Gen Z research and the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023, it provides a digital sandbox for fostering creativity and entrepreneurship.

Supplying Skill-Building Experiences

In e.l.f. UP!, players create and customize dream startups that represent causes and subjects they care most about. The highly personalized process realizes an advanced level of self-expression while supplying skill-building experiences like coding, gamified financial literacy and raising social awareness.
e.l.f.’s move reflects the rise of the “entrepreneurial/passion economy”: 62% of all Gen Z’s either are or intend to become entrepreneurs, and 44% of worker skills will be disrupted over the next five years, with analytical skills, creative thinking and technological literacy in greatest demand.
e.l.f. sees the metaverse as young consumers’ most influential community. Users are creating and receiving personal, career and style influence through these virtual worlds, which hold equal (or more) influence on self-confidence and skill sets.
“Our community has been asking for us to be on Roblox,” said Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty. “It’s part of our journey to disrupt norms, shape culture and connect communities through positivity, inclusivity and accessibility. We did it first on TikTok with e.l.f. Yeah, then on Twitch with e.l.f. You, and e.l.f. UP! on Roblox will be no different. This time we are able to create an experience where our community can follow their entrepreneurial dreams and empower the next generation of changemakers who flourish in these digital economies.”
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e.l.f. UP! features experiences inspired by e.l.f.’s hero offerings, like including Big Mood, a recording studio and fantasy chocolate shop, Holy Hydration!, an underwater sea life charity and animal rescue, Halo Glow, a crystal cave jewelry and art gallery and Power Grip, an extreme climbing gym and tech startup.
Distinctive features of the game include advanced visual elements and unique gameplay experiences that set it apart within the Roblox platform. Non-playable characters will have unique distinct personalities and serve as collectible ever-changing figures to be treated equally in play.
Future developments post-launch will include more premium rooms inspired by new products and launches, a multi-lingual rollout and more.

Other Beauty Brands in Roblox

In July, Fenty Beauty launched a virtual pop-up experience in Roblox.
In September, Maybelline New York, through a partnership with Splash, launched a 360-brand campaign that specifically targets the music community within Roblox.

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