Fire Country's Max Thieriot and Stephanie Arcila on Who Gabriela Chooses

Fire Country EP Answers Burning Questions After That Romantic Cliffhanger
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Fire Country fans will have to wait for season 3 to find out if Gabriela actually married Diego during the season 2 finale — but do Max Thieriot and Stephanie Arcila know what happened?

During the Friday, May 17, episode, Bode (Thieriot) watched as Gabriela (Arcila) walked down the aisle and leave the church before she officially exchanged vows with Diego (Rafael de la Fuente).

Arcila, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly her thoughts on the outcome of Gabriela’s big day.

“I think if you’re a person of integrity and a good hearted person, the universe somehow finds a way to place you where you’re meant to be — even if you’re not following in those tracks,” she teased her theory about where the story could go. “But I am excited to read what they’re going to write next season. I feel like one of the audience [members] right now waiting.”

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While reflecting on Gabriela’s journey this season, Arcila admitted she wasn’t that shocked her character actually made it to the altar, adding, “I had no idea but I love it because it’s kind of telling to the type of person she is. She doesn’t half-ass anything. She gives it 100 percent and really tries to make things work — whether it’s in her career or personal life.”

Gabriela’s love life has had its fair share of changes the past two seasons. In season 1, she formed a connection with Bode while dating Jake. Gabriela ended her relationship with Jake to wait for Bode until he was released from the California Conservation Camp Program. Bode broke things off when he was sent back to prison and by the beginning of the second season Gabriela was engaged to Diego.

“Honestly, when I first read it in the first episode that I was engaged, it was out of left field for me. I had no idea. I was like, ‘Wait, what is happening right now?’” Arcila recalled. “But it’s been really nice having the duality of her emotions with Diego and for Bode and trying to fight the mental with her heart. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, but it’s part of her trying to do what’s right and create her family.”

Do Fire Country s Max Stephanie Think Gabriela Married Diego or Chose Bode

Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez and Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan.
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Despite finding love with Diego, Gabriela couldn’t shake her connection with Bode. She even kissed her ex days before she was set to get married to Diego.

“I think if anyone is about to get married and is kissing somebody else, they’re not fully there,” Arcila quipped to Us. “That’s the No. 1 sign.”

Thieriot, 35, meanwhile, was just as unsure about whether Gabriela ultimately called off her wedding. He was confident, however, that Bode and Gabriela needed a break after going through so much in the first season.

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“[Gabriela] is kind of like part of [Bode’s] addiction. So in a way I think it was healthy for him to not be surrounded by her so much because it gave him the opportunity to not be so reactive and impulsive,” Thieriot noted to Us. “Which he realizes that’s something that she does to him. Like when he’s around her, he can’t help himself.”

Bode was able to grow throughout season 2 without being driven by his feelings for Gabriela.

“He knows he still has work to do. But I think that he’s finally at a place where he’s able to pause and take a breath and make decisions that are a little more thought out before he rushes into them,” Thieriot explained. “That’s something that we see in the finale too. He’s been able to be apart from her more and seeing her kills him and seeing her getting married really kills him.”

At the end of the finale, Bode nearly told Gabriela how she felt minutes before the ceremony. A conversation with her dad, Manny (Kevin Alejandro), changed Bode’s mind and he subsequently didn’t break up the wedding as expected.

Do Fire Country s Max Stephanie Think Gabriela Married Diego or Chose Bode

Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez and Rafael De La Fuente as Diego Moreno.
Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

“When Manny says, ‘She’s happy. She’s really happy.’ That’s all that Bode’s ever wanted for her. He felt like he can give her that. But he also knows that Diego’s a great guy and the fact that she’s happy is something that he can’t take away from her,” Thieriot continued. “In any other situation, he might be able to step in but hearing about her happiness is something that crushes him. But also it’s the one thing that allows him to let go at that moment.”

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Fire Country surprised fans earlier in the season when Bode was released from prison. Bode is now focused on the next chapter of his life — but that doesn’t mean the door is closed on a potential future with Gabriela.

“We’ve set up something in the pilot that will always live throughout the series and it just becomes a matter of how we arc that out and how we play [out] the relationship,” the actor shared. “I think that they still have a long ways to go. But I think that we know that there’s something there.”

While Bode will presumably shift his focus to firefighting, Gabriela has a lot to figure out as well.

“She needs to sit with her emotions and at least have one off day to really process everything that’s been thrown at her,” Arcila concluded. “Every single thing was thrown at her at once as she’s making a huge life-changing decision. I think this decision of going through and getting to the actual wedding is her trying to find her new normal and kind of her family and peace in one place because everything else outside is so chaotic.”

Fire Country has been renewed for season 3 on CBS. All episodes are streaming on Paramount+.

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