Google launches a Gemini-powered debugging tool for Chrome DevTools

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Google is announcing a Gemini-powered feature within Chrome DevTools that will provide developers with personalized and contextual information about what’s wrong with their web apps. Starting this week, the AI will generate explanations about errors and debugging solutions and display them within the Chrome DevTools Console.

“Chrome DevTools is one of the most popular ways for [developers] to debug and tune their app,” John Dahlke, Google’s director of product management for its web platform, explained during a press briefing last week. “DevTools is great at giving developers errors and warnings when their site isn’t going to work correctly. However, those errors aren’t always the easiest to interpret. In recent years, the emergence of large language models (LLMs) and AI coding assistants have opened up new possibilities and debugging AI can now serve as a pair programmer in understanding code, generating explanations and even suggesting fixes.”

As with many AI implementations, this news aims to reduce the time and energy spent fixing problems and give developers back their freedom to focus on innovating. Why rack your brain trying to understand what a specific error means when you can prompt Gemini to explain it to you in ways you’ll understand and provide advice on resolving the issue?

This tool can be even more valuable if a developer works with larger teams that deal with code they haven’t written. Instead of wasting valuable time getting up to speed, Gemini could, in practice, identify the source of the problem and offer suggested next steps.

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The news, which comes during Google’s annual developer conference, is another step the company is taking to help developers build smarter and better web apps. It also unveiled Gemini Nano for the Chrome desktop client.

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