Grant Jupe: 10 lessons from a Journey Through Surrogacy, Parenthood, and Entrepreneurship

And Grant Jupe has experienced both. Not only did he establish Raine & Horne Muswellbrook, he and his husband are now in the process of establishing Novo Swiss, a boutique watch business in Newcastle.

In today’s episode of the Courageous Conversations podcast, hosted by Leanne Pilkington, Grant opens up about his military background and how it uniquely prepared him for a successful career.

He takes a deep dive into his personal experience with surrogacy, the legal and emotional hurdles he and his husband overcame, and how he balances his professional ambitions with parenthood.

Grant also shares his insights on building an agency from the ground up, maintaining a positive mindset during a market slump and why supporting and training your team helps ensure long-term business success.

“It was the fact I knew I’d invested this money into building this business and I had to give it everything. I didn’t have time to let it get to me that I wasn’t making sales. Every opportunity that came my way, I was there with a smile on my face and determined to get it.”

10 things you’ll learn in this episode:

1. How Grant’s military background shaped his real estate career.
Timestamp: 1-minute.

2. Grant’s journey to parenthood through surrogacy.
Timestamp: 2-minutes.

3. The legal and emotional challenges of surrogacy in Australia.
Timestamp: 7-minutes.

4. Grant’s approach to balancing work and new parenthood.
Timestamp: 8-minutes.

5. The unexpected way Grant decided to pursue real estate.
Timestamp: 9-minutes.

6. Why starting a business during a market downturn can be a blessing in disguise.
Timestamp: 11-minutes.

7. How to maintain a positive mindset during challenging times in business.
Timestamp: 14-minutes.

8. The importance of community involvement in building a successful real estate business.
Timestamp: 15-minutes.

9. The crucial role of staff in growing a successful business.
Timestamp: 17-minutes.

10. The value of training and supporting employees, even if they move on.
Timestamp: 20-minutes.

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