I'm Buying This $7 Clear Stadium Bag for All of My Summer Concerts

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Few things compare to the feeling of open-air concerts in the summertime. There’s just something about basking in the sunlight and enjoying music outside with your friends that’s so special. I’ll go as far to say that some of my core memories were formed while belting out my favorite Taylor Swift lyrics during her Eras Tour last year. To think I was so close to missing out on the life-changing experience because of my bag!

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With the endless safety requirements set in place for these massive concerts, clear bags have become a necessity. If you don’t have one (or choose to wear your regular purse), you run the risk of not getting admission or having to throw away your bag — and neither option is ideal. The only solution is carrying a clear crossbody or belt bag. In an effort to be prepared for all of my outdoor concerts this year (which includes Miss Swift . . . again!) I’m purchasing the affordable Armiwiin Clear Stadium-Approved Crossbody.

Get the Armiwiin Clear Stadium-Approved Crossbody (originally $9) for just $7 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, April 13, 2024, but are subject to change.

Many clear bags look a little drab, but this one manages to look cute and trendy with the sleek detailing and heavy hardware. Made with a sturdy PVC plastic (which also happens to be waterproof, FYI) it’s surprisingly durable and won’t fall apart after a few wears, even when you’re dancing and jumping around to your favorite songs. I also enjoy that it’s big enough to fit your essentials — including a phone, lip gloss, keys, tampons and wallet — with room to spare. Despite the roomy size (7.28″ x 5.51″ x 1.77″), it doesn’t feel bulky in the slightest either.

Another underrated feature is the adjustable strap. If you prefer to wear it looser, you can extend it to a crossbody length. On the flip side, you can also shorten it and wear it as a belt bag if that’s more your style. (That’s my personal preference.)

I was initially wary about the price — I figured that the bag would be cheaply made. The countless rave reviews entirely convinced me to give this a shot, though. “My wife bought this for the Renaissance tour in New Orleans, and this bag did not disappoint,” one happy customer writes. “It held all she needed and got her through security no problem! She still even uses it on a regular basis. Great affordable buy.”

Another says the bag has helped ease her anxiety about going to stadium events. “I go to a lot of concerts and got tired of trying to figure out which venue would allow what size bag vs. what size wristlet. I decided to get this to cut out the guess work,” she explains. “I can just use this for any and all venues without having to think about it ever again. 🙂 I’ve taken it to two venues so far and had no trouble. And it fits way more stuff than a clutch or wristlet so win-win.”

Don’t wait until the last minute before your big summer concert. Purchase this clear bag today to give yourself some piece of mind for all of your exciting events!

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