Is Groq the David to Nvidia’s Goliath? Groq CEO is bringing the noise to VB Transform 2024

The race is on, and the revolution will be televised. Chatter about Groq started on the site formerly known as Twitter when Matt Shumer, CEO of HypeWriteAI and OthersideAI, waxed poetic about Groq’s AI PU Inference Engine, reporting Mixtral serving at nearly 500 tok/s (in other words, delivering instantaneous answers), and shortly after served up an eye-watering demo. Groq CEO Jonathan Ross even visited CNN to show off the engine, blowing a reporter’s mind.

And it’s all in service of delivering a stable alternative to Nvidia’s GPU supremacy. Nvidia is betting that with its earnings up 265% from last year, it’s going to hang on to that dominance. Groq says at worst its technology uses about a third of the power of a GPU, but most workloads use as little as a tenth of the power. And in a world where it seems like those LLM workloads will never stop scaling, and energy demand will just keep growing (while fun fact, the earth is teetering on the edge of climate disaster), well, Groq is a major challenger to the GPU-dominated, incredibly bottlenecked, resource-starved compute landscape.

In fact, Ross claims that by next year, over half of the globe’s inference computing will be running on their chips. What’s that world going to look like? Ross will have the answers and a lot more at VentureBeat’s Transform 2024. He’s going to be diving into why AI inference is critical to enterprise technology, why efficiency is today’s urgent need — and why Groq is at the forefront of that revolution. He’ll be offering one of those mind-blowing live demos to highlight Groq’s capabilities, and talk about what’s next on the roadmap.

Register now for exclusive insights into Groq’s latest advancements, and a chance to get in the room with the top AI innovators in the world and hear all the hot gossip firsthand. VB Transform 2024 is happening July 9 – 11 in San Franciso. The theme has never been more topical: putting AI to work at scale, with a focus on the real-world questions and challenges, plus the practical gen AI case studies and application stories that matter most, directly from industry leaders.

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