Keon Coleman’s first 24 hours as NFL rookie were pure joy for Bills

The Bills were widely panned after Day 1 of the NFL Draft for trading back twice, while enabling the Kansas City Chiefs to get their guy in Xavier Worthy. That all washed away pretty quickly on Day 2, when Buffalo picked Keon Coleman and we learned what an utter delight he is.

Coleman is from small-town central Louisiana, and it became impossible not to love his attitude as soon as he entered the building. Each Keon Coleman moment was better than the last, as he just relished in the moment.

During his first press conference he gave shopping tips on how to save money.

This is so relatable, because I do the EXACT same thing. It’s getting to be coat buying season for me now, actually. Thanks for the reminder, Keon.

Then he was thrifty in the building by spying the media snack table and eyeing those Wegman’s cookies.

The Bills posted video of his first 24 hrs, which included being shook that the hotel he was in had an ice rink instead of a pool.

Then he ran for an imaginary touchdown, because of course he did.

A tour of the cryo room made him feel like The Undertaker.

There’s just something about this 2024 class. So many of these guys are uniquely unafraid to be themselves. This was the first Gen Z draft, and from Caleb Williams’ style, to Rome Odunze knowing he’ll never be a pilot, Xavier Legette embracing being country, and Keon Coleman’s thriftiness — it really feels like we’re going to get so many fan favorites out of this year alone.

Impossible not to root for Keon Coleman.

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