Lap dancers: Ford Focus ST Track Pack vs Toyota GR86

Then, most significantly, it also gets KW Automotive coilovers, which reduce the ride height by 10mm (and provide a drop in centre of gravity) and have adjustable damping settings – 12 stages in compression and 16 stages in rebound – which are accessible if you stick the car on a ramp and/or remove some trim.

With some shiny black plastics where more ordinary ones would normally be, the Track Pack is complete at £40,650, which is almost £5000 more than it was two years ago, when we noted how expensive, at around the mid-£30,000s, the ST had become.

For which you can blame a number of things: inflationary pressures, a shortage of semiconductors, corporate average fuel consumption limits restraining sales volumes, and cheap interest rates and strong residuals meaning none of that mattered so much to the monthly repayment.

Besides, it’s not like it’s as bad as the £50,000- plus of the latest Honda Civic Type R, which lets Ford still claim that it’s the blue-oval, blue-collar, affordable performance car for the working geezer kind of car company.

Toyota GR86 - front

But when it comes to truly restricted supply, welcome to the world of the Toyota GR86 coupé, a car that ought to be magnitudes cheaper than the Ford.

But isn’t necessarily. It was £29,995 for the manual version and £32,085 for the automatic when, on 14 April 2022, Toyota announced prices and specifications then, about an hour and a half later, found that the entire two-year allocation was spoken for.

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