Mark McLeod: Three of the best

If there was ever a real estate industry guru, someone every agent knows and respects, it’s Mark McLeod.

As Ray White’s Chief Strategy Officer for Real Estate, Mark is a straight shooter with a keen analytical mind and a no-nonsense approach.

A long-time columnist for Elite Agent, Mark is a wealth of knowledge and one of our best-read strategists.

Here: we bring you three of Mark’s best articles so you can boost your pipeline, improve the service you deliver and measure your success with the right KPIs.

First service

In the real estate landscape, success hinges on attitude and process, not market whims. 

In this article, Mark exposes the pitfalls of complacency and the triumph of adaptability, separating the agents coasting on hope from the tacticians crafting success. 

It’s a stark reminder that in the property arena, second chances are not a given—making the choice between stagnation and strategy a defining one. 

Which side of the divide do you stand on? Discover it here.

Your money lives in your pipeline

In this piece, Mark examines the critical link between how robust your pipeline is and your overall performance. 

Discover how a meticulously analysed pipeline not only reflects your business’s health but also acts as a mirror to your client relationships and skillset. 

Mark also reveals why top performers consistently list more properties and how they successfully steer through life’s unpredictability with a mix of volume and deep connections. 

Prepare to challenge your assumptions and recalibrate your strategies, for this piece is not just an article—it’s a roadmap to refining the soul of your business. Get that roadmap here.

Why volume, not GCI is the important KPI right now

This column caused a bit of debate when it was published in March this year. 

In it, Mark reveals why navigating the real estate landscape demands more than just recognising market phases; it necessitates a strategic grasp of opportunities amid challenges. 

He illuminates the pivotal role of volume over value in propelling your business forward, regardless of fluctuating market prices. 

Mark also encourages you to embrace the rigour of ‘blocks of performance’ to transform your work ethic, and learn why consistent effort in networking and property exposure can safeguard your success against market downturns. 

Commit to action and watch as the current market conditions unveil untapped potential for those willing to adapt and persevere, here.

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