Marshawn Lynch’s trip to Amish country was the best part of the Vikings-Eagles game

With the Eagles playing on Thursday Night Football it was an opportunity to send the Marshawn Lynch into the field and learn a little more about Pennsylvania culture.

It’s proof once more that Marshawn is the best of us. From appreciating the sweet buggy rims to trying to play “Amish Paradise” and almost causing them to look at technology, he was earnest about trying his best to learn about life in the amish community — even if he was never cut out for it.

Milking cows terrified Lynch. So instead he was just awestruck by the ability to pull four teets at once.

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At one point Marshawn spotted an LED lantern and thought he caught the Amish with technology, only to find out it was okay because the light was wireless. Without missing a beat he called them out: “It’s wireless… you amish people think you all slick man, but you be cutting corners.”

Marshawn is going to be a staple of TNF hosting a segment called “N’ Yo City,” but honestly I just want another 15 hours of Lynch trying to live the Amish life.

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