Matt Ryan roasted for 28-3, even as a commentator

Former Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Ryan made his color commentary debut on Sunday, commentating on the Sunday afternoon game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings.

Naturally, on his debut, multiple subtle shots were going to be taken, especially for the QB behind the greatest collapse in NFL history. When the play by play announcer saw his chance to take the shot, he sure didn’t miss.

I mean it’s a hilarious shot, but at the same time you gotta feel kinda bad for Ryan. I bet every time he goes anywhere, he has to hear about 28-3. He probably goes to the store and every time he checks out, his price to pay is $28.30. I mean, look at Ryan’s face when they bring up 28-3. That’s a man who has been through hell when it comes to hearing that phrase, over and over and over again. It’s like Sisyphus consistently pushing the rock, but instead of an actual rock Ryan is pushing the fact that he was a good QB despite people consistently making 28-3 jokes.

I hope Ryan is a good color commentator though. Let him get good at this and maybe people will stop bringing up 28-3.

Maybe not though, and that’s fine.

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