McLaren previews big changes with future design language

At the front, all McLaren models will feature two symmetrical elements and a low nose. Sühlmann cites the McLaren MP4/4 Formula 1 car and the F1 road car as key examples – while the 750S features the same design based on the headlights.

The side view will be defined by a ‘performance line’ that is forward-leaning, with a dip at the mirrors to allow for maximum visibility. Future models are all intended to feature a short front and long rear overhang.

The rear end will be based around an ‘open’ back end – a trait inspired by the F1 – that allows for greater heat dissipation and adds a racing-style presence. Horizontal design elements will be used to create a greater feeling of width.

There are also new design signatures for the interior: all models will feature a driver-focused wraparound cockpit, but with an emphasis on making the cabin feel spacious through concave surfaces. Meanwhile, McLaren will continue to limit the number of buttons and controls featured on the steering wheel, instead locating controls close to the wheel on the dashboard.

mclaren interior design signature

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