Nikola Jokic made 2 more plays that need to be seen to be believed

Every game, Nuggets center Nikola Jokic gives us something to remind the world that he is the best basketball player alive. In the Nuggets’ 113-100 win over the New York Knicks on Thursday, Jokic had two masterful plays that reminded us that he might not actually be from planet Earth.

First of all, what is this pass?

Jokic sees the double team coming, turns his back to make Josh Hart commit to the double, then just whips a pass right into Aaron Gordon’s hands with his back turned. That’s basketball wizardry, man. How did that pass not go off the backboard? How do you defend that? That’s just preposterous.

This shot might be even wilder than the pass, however, because what on Earth is this?

I mean…what even do you do with this? You just gotta tip your cap and keep playing, because this is out of this world. The touch to get this to fall off the backboard from…behind the backboard somehow? If Jokic tried this in Victorian England he would be considered a wizard.

I mean, he plays for the Nuggets but he’s pretty much a wizard with the ball now.

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