NIT bracket 2024: The full field revealed

This is going to be a very different NIT. The National Invitational Tournament has routinely been the place where mid-majors and lesser-known teams had their chance to compete against the best programs in the country who barely missed out on the big dance of the NCAA Tournament, but not anymore.

In the quest to increase the profile of the NIT, organizers removed the longstanding method of entry: Winning a conference regular season title. Now the focus (like all college sports) is on getting as many power conference attendees as possible, with automatic bids now going to the major conference schools who didn’t make the tournament — regardless of what that does to the competition.

So, this means instead of seeing some extremely talented teams who barely missed out, they’ll now be passed over in favor of the fourth or fifth best team from a bigger conference. This has also led to teams already announcing that they have no interest in playing in the NIT, like Ole Miss who already rejected a big, similar to North Carolina in 2023.

A year ago North Texas cut down the nets in a win over UAB, so let’s take a look at the field this year.

Top Left Bracket

1 Seton Hall
Saint Joseph’s

North Texas

3 Providence
Boston College

2 Princeton

Bottom Left Bracket

1 Wake Forest
Appalachian State

4 Georgia

3 Virginia Tech

2 Ohio State

Top Right Bracket

1 Indiana State

4 Butler

3 Bradley
Loyola Chicago

2 Cincinnati
San Francisco

Bottom Right Bracket

1 Villanova

South Florida

3 Iowa
Kansas State

2 Utah
UC Irvine

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