Objektor architekti stages different vignettes in Ovenecká 33, an art space and residence

“A space where you never have to return along the same route” was the brief for the art residency and apartment Ovenecká 33, as its owner Tereza Porybná described in a press release. The task was left to Czechia-based firm, Objektor architekti, who juggled not only the unique commission but also the apartment’s various functions: art exhibition, community hub, private residence, and more purposes that Porybná could leave open ended.

The solution was to plan the space around contrasting vignettes so that each could be approached like an exhibition with a static structural framework that sets the backdrop for orbiting objects. On one hand, it provides just enough unobstructed space to freely move or set up art installations as events may dictate, but not too much where an empty square room feels uncomfortable and dysfunctional for living. On the other hand, the exhibition-like approach keeps the floorplan open as contrasting moods, not walls, divide the spaces.

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