Patrick Mahomes’ Aaron Rodgers tweet was edited to include an epic comma

Aaron Rodgers’ arrival to the New York Jets was the biggest story of the NFL offseason. Unfortunately for New York, the hype lasted all of one possession.

Rodgers suffered an apparent Achilles injury on his first drive of the Jets’ showdown with the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football in Week 1. Jets head coach Robert Salah told the media “It’s not good” after the game, sparking concern that Rodgers could miss the rest of the season. At age-39, this could even be it for his career in the worst case scenario.

Players around the league immediately shared an outpouring of support for Rodgers after the injury. Only one of those social media posts included a hilarious edit for an especially important comma. Here’s the tweet (yes, we’re still calling it that) from Patrick Mahomes that we can’t stop laughing about.

We might need to put this one in future English books to teach children the importance of commas. One comma changed Mahomes’ message from “Hate that man” to “Hate that, man.” It’s a pretty big difference!

Okay, so just because a lot of people hate Aaron Rodgers for a variety of reasons — as a Bears fan, I can name more than a few — I don’t think anyone really would have believed that Mahomes hated Rodgers even without the comma. Still, better safe than sorry. Proper grammar saves a lot of headaches, kids.

The Jets went on to beat the Bills anyway thanks to Xavier Gipson’s walk-off punt return. Read our Mark Schofield on how Josh Allen’s aggressiveness hurt the Bills on the night. We’ll keep you updated on Rodgers’ injury here, too.

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