Reese Witherspoon Jokes ‘Even the Fruit Is Organized' After Kitchen Makeover

Reese Witherspoon was a total fangirl after meeting members of The Home Edit — and seeing them transform her space — while decluttering her house.

Witherspoon, 48, invited The Home Edit organizers Lauren and Emily into her home earlier this month to reorganize her kitchen, pantry and closets. In the behind-the-scenes video, shared via YouTube, the actress gushed that she’s been a “fan for years” of the organization company.

When it comes to what space to tackle first, the cleaners began by taking everything out of the kitchen pantry to “start with a blank slate.”

The ladies started with the “edit” step, which entailed getting rid of unnecessary items throughout the house. Next, they “categorized” each room, which included putting all the kitchen utensils in their own draw insert.

FEATURE Reese Witherspoon Enlists Home Edit to Declutter Her Kitchen Closets Even the Fruit Is Organized
The Home Edit/YouTube

“Measurements are key,” Lauren said in the video, while adding clear buckets and holders on every shelf in the kitchen pantry during the “contain” phase.

The team later organized by color to make each clear holder more visually appealing. “We love to color coordinate,” Emily teased of The Home Edit brand.

After a hard day’s work, the women brought Witherspoon back for the reveal, starting with the pantry.


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“Oh my gosh. You guys, this is incredible. I love it,” The Morning Show star said, pointing out that her snacks and supplies all have their own home in the walk-in room.

Witherspoon geeked out when she entered her kitchen, which consists of a large island painted blue with deep drawers that were previously cluttered.

Reese Witherspoon Enlists Home Edit to Declutter Her Kitchen Closets Even the Fruit Is Organized
The Home Edit/YouTube

“Y’all this is just so much better. It’s just cleaner and more streamlined,” she said, pouring over the drawers. “This is exactly what I was hoping. One set of silverware. So good. So organized. I love that it isn’t hodge-podged of different silverware.

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The actress’ display shelves in the kitchen were also updated with only her white and clear dishes and glasses in view. There were also pops of greenery with plants throughout the room, which has a brick wall that draws guests in.

Witherspoon couldn’t contain her excitement when she opened up the fridge, which now contains The Home Edit’s labels and set drawers for fruit, eggs, butter and more.

Reese Witherspoon Enlists Home Edit to Declutter Her Kitchen Closets Even the Fruit Is Organized
The Home Edit/YouTube

“Hold on, this is the part I’ve been most waiting for,” she said. “Oh, my gosh, this is insane. Even the fruit is organized!”

The Sweet Home Alabama star joked that the fridge was once “a wasteland of old things that we all left in there,” but it is now “beautiful.”

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Witherspoon was in awe over the cleanliness of the space, gushing over every nook and cranny.

“Look at these fruit drawers … they’re rainbow,” she said. “This is so amazing. It’s just going to make every day better.”

Reese Witherspoon Enlists Home Edit to Declutter Her Kitchen Closets Even the Fruit Is Organized
The Home Edit/YouTube

The Home Edit was founded in 2015 by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who created the company to help others get organized. Their concept and success led to books The Home Edit and The Home Edit Life, as well as Netflix’s Get Organize with The Home Edit series. The women have since branched out into organizational products.

In February 2022, The Home Edit was acquired by Witherspoon’s media company, Hello Sunshine. Witherspoon, who sold the company in 2021 for more than $900 million, is still on the board at Hello Sunshine.

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