Rescue donkey dies in suspected dog attack

The owner of a donkey who died in a suspected dog attack has described what happened as “senseless and mindless”.

Honey, an eight year old rescue donkey, was found on Sunday with puncture wounds on both legs and friction burns down her back.

Luke Peters-Rich, Honey’s owner, said due to the extent of her injuries there was no other option but for a vet to put her down.

Mr Peters-Rich said dog owners needed to take responsibility for their pets.

Some of the injuries Honey the donkey sustained

Honey had to be put down by a vet due to the extent of her injuries

Mr Peters-Rich rents land in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, with husband Ben where together they own dogs, chickens, horses and 11 rescue donkeys.

He said Honey was discovered on Sunday evening in a “terrible state”, with deep lacerations.

Despite best efforts, Mr Peters-Rich said Honey went into septic shock and had to be put down.

He said the euthanasia process “was a struggle, as her heart wasn’t strong enough to pump the drug through her body”.

“Fortunately, Honey’s kind, warm nature meant she was the only victim as she stood to protect her sisters, which just hurts my heart even more as it says everything about her character,” he said.

Luke with his donkeys

Mr Peters-Rich has rescued 11 donkeys

Mr Peters-Rich said Honey was on private land surrounded by stock fencing and electrical fence tape when the attack happened.

He said the vet who tended to Honey agreed that a dog was likely to be responsible.

It’s just senseless and mindless that irresponsible dog owners think it’s their God-given right to kind of have access to private property,” he said.

“If I got up there sooner, potentially the outcome would have been different. It is the behaviour of walking away and letting an animal suffer that is making me the most upset and angry.”

Mr Peters-Rich said the ordeal had cost over £1000 in veterinary bills.

He has since set up a fundraising page to try to help him cover the costs.

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