RHOBH's Crystal Kung Minkoff Says Intruders Broke Into Her Family's House

RHOBHs Crystal Kung Minkoff Says Intruders Broke Into Her House While She Was Out of Town With Family
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RHOBH‘s Crystal Kung Minkoff opened up about a scary situation that occurred while she was with her family on a trip overseas.

During her appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live show, the reality star revealed that four intruders broke into her house two weeks ago, after she had revealed on social media that she was out of the country. Crystal was in Japan on spring break with her husband, Rob Minkoff, as well as their son Max, 11, and daughter Zoe, 8.

“I posted [I was out of town] and they tried to break in and my housesitters, my friends, had to deal with it face-to-face,” Crystal, 41, explained on Friday, April 12, of the terrifying situation before mentioning that thankfully they were OK.

The Bravo star continued her story, revealing what happened once the intruders got inside.

“They got into the house and were face-to-face with my friend and they ran away,” she disclosed. “It was my girlfriend so she was very shaken up. She FaceTimed me and I think was very freaked out. I just felt so bad. It just reminded me that we need to step it up even more. Every time we hear a story, we step it up and 1713061493 we’re going to go full on.”

Host Jeff Lewis proceeded to question how they got in, asking if they hopped over the gate, which Crystal confirmed was in fact how they gained access to her home and that she had since addressed that security issue.

RHOBHs Crystal Kung Minkoff Says Intruders Broke Into Her House While She Was Out of Town With Family
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“I’m fully [gated], but we’re going heavy duty this week,” she told him, adding that she was amping up her security. “[The intruders] figured out [how to get in], which is no longer going to be available.”

While Crystal didn’t want to go too much into details about the frightening experience, she did tell Lewis, 54, that she was shocked it happened because her friends were there at the time of the break-in. However, she noted that even though they were in her home, they “didn’t arm it properly.”

“I actually have a lot more security that they weren’t using but, [it’s because] they were our guests … you don’t think it’s going to happen, especially cause you’re at home,” she stated.

Crystal confirmed that no security measure was off the table from raising her walls to fences to “all of it” when Lewis started to list off possible changes she was going to make. “We’re just going hard,” she expressed.

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