Rome Odunze will immediately become your favorite player in the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is just about here. Finally.

Soon enough the mock drafts will be a thing of the past, grades for every draft class will be out and every team in the league will have a fresh crop of players to get excited about. Whichever fan base lands Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze is the one that I am insanely jealous of.

It is no secret that Marvin Harrison Jr. is regarded as the “best” wideout in the class, but an argument for Odunze to take the crown has certainly grown. The Arizona Cardinals are a hot dot to connect to MHJ if they wind up picking at number four overall, but if they trade down with a team looking to grab a quarterback and if Jim Harbaugh’s Los Angeles Chargers take his former team’s arch nemesis then Arizona could be very happy in a world where they wind up with Odunze.

Recently, thanks to our friends at SNICKERS, I was able to talk to Rome about his career at Washington and preparation for the process that is quite literally going to change his life. You can watch our entire conversation below.

Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, SNICKERS® Ice Cream has enlisted top NFL wide receiver pick, Rome Odunze, to help fans keep a hold on their ice cream all season long with SNICKERS Ice Cream Chiller – a first-of-its-kind ice cream holder that captures Odunze’s famous hands and perfectly holds a SNICKERS Ice Cream bar.

From April 18 to May 2, fans nationwide can head to for a chance to win a SNICKERS Ice Cream Chiller.

You can see there Rome is focused on ice cream as far as this interview is concerned and for good reason. It involves his hands. As someone who is set to make a living using them, they are sort of important to him.

The fine folks at SNICKERS developed a new way for Rome (and potentially you) to hold ice cream sandwiches specifically. Tell me you do not need this thing in your life.


Rome will not have to wait as long as most people to hear his name called when the 2024 NFL Draft ultimately begins, and whoever does turn in his card is going to get quite the player (and the SNICKERS-related fist).

I’m super jealous if your team winds up drafting him. There is no way he is making it to my Dallas Cowboys.

Best of luck to Rome and our thanks to SNICKERS for the time.

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