Run to Walmart Now To Snag This $7 2-Piece Crop Top Set

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If you’re a regular Walmart shopper, you probably know all about some of the amazing deals you’ll find on offer there. Whether you’re into affordable clothing, shoes, jewelry, or other goodies, you can usually find some fantastic price cuts at the retailer. Today’s no different, because we’ve stumbled on a must-buy crop top set that’s on sale for a price you won’t believe.

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Right now, thanks to Walmart’s Summer Savings clearance sale, you can get the Yievot 2-Piece Crop Top Set for just $7, which is marked down from $17, its normal price. Not only do you save $10, but you get a two-piece crop top set that’s perfect for wearing throughout the end of spring into summer in a variety of colors for less than the price of dinner at a fast food joint.

Get the Yievot 2-Piece Crop Top Set for just $7 at Walmart!

This is a rather unique crop top set because the top looks like it goes on backwards: its button-up style is on the back instead of the front, which gives it a fun, interesting vibe. You certainly won’t see many folks wearing a look like this. It comes with a pair of flowy lounge pants, and the set is perfect for hanging out at home, going out and doing errands, or even chilling at the beach.

Get the Yievot 2-Piece Crop Top Set for just $7 at Walmart!

The set is available for $7 in 20 different colors, from a muted army green to a mustard yellow and everything in between. The same price applies to the entirety of the collection, and there’s no limit to how many you can buy. It’s a good time to stock up on a great go-to outfit that’ll save you some serious cash in the long run. Be sure to grab your sets today, and get ready for warmer weather. You’ll be extremely comfy with your $7 crop top set!

Get the Yievot 2-Piece Crop Top Set for just $7 at Walmart!

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