Ryan Evans and Joe Hibeljic step up at Ray White Norwood

Ryan Evans and Joe Hibeljic have moved into leadership roles at Ray White Norwood, as the leading agency goes from strength to strength.

The Announcement:

Ray White Norwood is not only a notable success story locally but also recognised and awarded internationally.

Under the guidance of Jason Spagnuolo, the team has thrived, expanding from Ray White Norwood to encompass Ray White Grange and Ray White Campbelltown, collectively growing to over 100 members in a mere five years.

Now the excitement reaches new heights as two exceptional leaders, Ryan Evans and Joe Hibeljic, step into the limelight. 

It’s more than just a business move; it’s a testament to Ray White Norwood’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth.

“Ryan and Joe embody everything we stand for: passion, energy, and unwavering leadership,” Mr Spagnuolo said.

“They’re catalysts for our future success.”

For Mr Evans, his journey began over a decade ago alongside Mr Spagnuolo, marked by dedication and a hunger for growth. 

Currently the Chief Operating Officer for the group, he has been pivotal in all aspects of the business operations and efficiencies.

“Working alongside Jason and growing this business has always been a huge focus of mine,” Mr Evans said.

“I’ve discovered my true passion: shaping the business landscape, optimising efficiency, and driving success.”

Mr Evans said that he is grateful to have learned from the best, immersed in high-performance energy and culture from the start of his career.

Mr Hibeljic has quickly become one of the highest-performing sales agents in the group and has gained the respect of his colleagues and peers through his leadership and tenacity.

“I came into the industry knowing I wanted to build something special,” Mr Hibeljic said.

“It stems from the sacrifices my parents made and the strong work ethic they instilled in me. One of my greatest motivators in reaching this milestone was my desire to give back to them.

“Joining Ray White Norwood was a revelation. 

“I knew I was part of something extraordinary-a community driven by excellence and fuelled by ambition. 

“I remember the first day I met Jason; I realised the true definition of the word ‘busy’. 

“He taught me diligence, time management, and focus.”

All three partners have a very clear vision for the business; it’s to maintain the unprecedented standard of service they’re renowned for among their clients, whilst also sustaining the highest level of support for their internal members.

They want to provide an environment that’s conducive to growth.

With the duo on board, they’re poised to not only deepen their roots in the local community but ensure the next wave of talent grows to their full potential.

“This is a strategic decision for the entire Norwood team,”  Mr Spagnuolo said.

“Our key objective is to continue providing an environment for all of our people to grow into what they want to, not just real estate agents, but all support staff.”

Ray White South Australia CEO Matt Lindblom said that he was thrilled to welcome new leadership to the award-winning business. 

He said he was confident that Ray White Norwood’s legacy of excellence will only continue to flourish.

“Ray White Norwood is one of the great success stories of our group, and both Ryan and Joe have been an integral part of their growth,” Mr Lindblom said.

“I look forward to watching them surpass the high standards that they have set for themselves, with established, dynamic leaders at the helm.”

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