Ryan Serhant’s rise to Owning Manhattan

Global real estate phenomenon Ryan Serhant is in demand at the moment.

He not only graced the AREC24 stage twice this year, as the headline speaker, his hit Netflix reality TV show, Owning Manhattan, has gone top 10 in 40 countries.

The show follows Ryan and his agents as they push to rise from the sixth biggest agency in New York to the top spot.

It’s heady heights, even for an agent that spent 10 years on Million Dollar Listing New York

With this in mind we thought we’d revisit the time, in January 2022, when Ryan paid us a visit on the Elevate podcast.

He revealed to Elevate host, Samantha McLean, what it takes to build a brand that is instantly recognisable across the globe and what drives him to continually pursue his self-professed aim of “utter world domination”.

He also talks about how he selects the agents he works with, how when he started in the industry, he had little idea of the success he would achieve and why real estate success is all about “following up, following through, and following back”.

Here’s 10 things you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. The three pillars of building a powerful personal brand.

Timestamp: 10-minutes.

2. Why your “and” is crucial to your brand identity.

Timestamp: 13-minutes.

3. The shocking truth about how often Ryan creates his own media opportunities.

Timestamp: 18-minutes.

4. The golden rule for consistent content creation that most agents ignore.

Timestamp: 14-minutes.

5. Ryan’s unconventional approach to recruiting top talent.

Timestamp: 22-minutes.

6. How to handle clients who want to work directly with you, not your team.

Timestamp: 24-minutes.

7. The surprising way Ryan stays motivated by his future self.

Timestamp: 27-minutes.

8. Why Ryan doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions (and what he does instead).

Timestamp: 28-minutes.

9. The key difference between Ryan’s two books and which one to read first.

Timestamp: 29-minutes.

10. Ryan’s ultimate advice for agents heading into the new year.

Timestamp: 33-minutes.

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