Spice Up Your Everyday Look With This Fringe-Trimmed Sweater Tank

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It may sound a little confusing, but not all tank tops are created equal. You’ve got your basic tank tops, with thicker straps, and you’ve got your spaghetti strap tops. But you’ve also got the ones that have fun decorative touches, and those are the ones to watch. In fact, we’ve found one that you’ll love, no matter where you end up wearing it to this season.

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The No Boundaries Sweater Tank Top with Fringe is just $13 at Walmart. Yes, you read that right. For just $13, you can rock a funky sweater tank top that isn’t too heavy or too itchy (sweaters can get that way, after all), And it can go with just about anything you might already have in your wardrobe, which may very well be the best part. Because when you bring home a new piece, you need to know you can wear it with what you already have. You don’t need it to cause more wardrobe issues. This one will fit in with the rest nicely, and for under $20!

Get the No Boundaries Sweater Tank Top with Fringe for just $13 at Walmart!

You’ll look like a star in this tank top, which brings together a mixed stitch design and hanky hem that ends in a gorgeous mix of fringe and unfinished sweater knit. It’s a fun way to change things up without going too off-brand, and the sweater knit stands out since it’s summer – and no one would suspect that type of fabric.

Get the No Boundaries Sweater Tank Top with Fringe for just $13 at Walmart!

If this tank top looks like a good time to you, hurry to Walmart to get your own. There are about a million ways you can style this look, and you’re going to have to get started early if you want to see them all.

Get the No Boundaries Sweater Tank Top with Fringe for just $13 at Walmart!

Looking for something else? Explore more from No Boundaries here and shop other sets here! Don’t forget to check out all of Walmart’s deals for more great finds!

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