Suns DJ samples Steve Kerr’s complaints about ‘loud techno music’ in perfect troll

After the Phoenix Suns beat the Golden State Warriors in the desert a couple weeks ago, Steve Kerr used a question about defensive communication to complain about the loud techno music constantly played throughout Phoenix’s home arena.

“In this building, you can’t hear anything because it’s like a club,” Kerr said at his post-game press conference. “It’s like a South Beach club out there. What are we doing? I’m being dead serious. I couldn’t hear anything. It’s thumping techno club music. Can we just have a basketball game anymore?”

On Friday night, the DJ at the Suns game turned Kerr’s grumbling into the hottest sample drop of the year. Watch the video of Suns’ DJ using a clip of Steve’s complaint as he entertained the crowd with ‘thumping techno club music’ here:

Perfectly executed. Even as someone who can’t stand this type of music, there’s no choice but to respect the way he pulled it off.

Unfortunately, this was the highlight of the game for Phoenix. The Sacramento Kings beat the Suns, 114-106, behind a strong effort from De’Aaron Fox with Kevin Durant out of the lineup. The Warriors’ night was even worse on Friday, setting a season-high for turnovers in a close loss to the Thunder. Kerr was probably already in a bad mood when he came across this clip. Well done, Mr. DJ.

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