Tatiana Bilbao to receive honorary doctorate from Boston Architectural College

On May 24, world-renowned architect Tatiana Bilbao will receive an honorary doctorate from the Boston Architectural College (BAC). The accolade will be delivered during the BAC’s graduation ceremony at Berklee Performance Center, where Bilbao will also give the commencement speech.

“Receiving such a distinction [from The Boston Architectural College] is both an honor and a responsibility, to both I am truly thankful,” Tatiana Bilbao shared in a statement. “Graduating in the world today is also a big responsibility that is carried after a huge privilege—not to underestimate the struggles that each graduate passed through to arrive here, but taking into account that only 16 percent of the global population are able to receive a professional degree—this is a privilege.”

Bilbao continued: “It’s a proven fact that architecture has an absolute power of shaping societies. The responsibility of these [BAC] graduates is how they will use those tools to shape a world where skills learned in an educational environment will transcend from a privilege to an opportunity for all.”

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Boston Architectural College (Ajay Suresh/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Later this May, Bilbao will join a distinguished list of past commencement speakers at the BAC, such as Daniel Libeskind, Billie Tsien, Balkrishna Doshi, Martha Schwartz, and Moshe Safdie. Other speakers included BAC alum Robert (Bob) J. Vila, famous for his home improvement television show This Old House.

“As the BAC continues to honor design visionaries, we are thrilled to recognize acclaimed architect Tatiana Bilbao as our commencement speaker and an honorary doctorate recipient for professional excellence,” said BAC president Mahesh Daas. “Tatiana’s commitment to incorporating culture, people, and thoughtful design methods into her work resonates deeply with our institution’s principles.”

Daas continued: “By seamlessly merging research and design, her innovative approach serves as a beacon, and an inspiration for our graduates to envision architecture and urban design as catalysts for positive transformation—fostering environments characterized by empathy, resilience, and inclusivity.”

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