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Terrell Owens, Hall of Famer, claims self-defense after an incident outside CVS Store

Terrell Owens, a legendary NFL player, claims that he wasn’t the aggressor in the fight in a parking lot.

It happened Saturday night in front of a CVS store located in Los Angeles. TMZ Sports obtained the video of Owens punching an unidentified male. Before the altercation with Owens, the male was allegedly harassing customers in the store.

The six-time Pro Bowler said that he acted in self-defense when the male made “offensive gestures and threatening remarks” to him.

Owens stated that the man threatened a fan who was talking to him at the store.

According to the former wide receiver, he went outside to try and calm the situation down. But the man continued following him.

Owens stated to the AP that the aggressor kept threatening the fan, just like he did in the shop. “Once more, trying to diffuse the ongoing circumstance, I placed myself between him and the fan. I demanded verbally from the aggressor that he stop his threatening behavior.”

Owens said that the man “swung first at me” before he felt “obligated to stop the aggressor becoming more violent.”

TMZ published a video from the Inglewood store fight.

It is not clear if police were called to the scene. Media inquiries were not immediately answered by local authorities.

The San Francisco 49ers drafted Owens in the third round 1996 NFL Draft. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. He was five times named All-Pro first-team player.

In 2018, he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Owens, however, declined to attend the Canton, Ohio enshrinement ceremony and instead held his celebration at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

Owens stated, “Like everyone else, I was making an emergency stop at CVS and was completely blindsided by it all.” “Unfortunately, I had no choice but to use self-defense to stop a threat to myself and the fan. This negative experience has taught me to try and make positive things.”

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