The NFL ruined Patriots’ awesome lateral to lineman

On Sunday Night Football, the NFL ruined one of the greatest plays we’ve ever seen.

The New England Patriots were driving the field, trying to tie up the game against the Miami Dolphins down 24-17. On 4th and 4, the Patriots desperately needed a first down, and in desperate times, you give the ball to the best athletes on the field. Which is exactly what Patriots TE Mike Gesicki did.

LOOK AT THIS WONDERFUL MAN IN ALL HIS GLORY! Patriots LG Cole Strange bailed out Gesicki and immediately knew what time it was when he caught that ball. Look at the extension on the reception, look at the leg drive to aim and pick up that first down.

Unfortunately, the NFL stepped in and robbed us of the greatest fourth down conversion, no, greatest play that we’ve ever seen. The officials reviewed it three times before flipping the on field decision to Strange not picking up the first down, and ultimately giving the Dolphins the victory.

This is an outrage of epic proportions. The greatest athletes make a play in the biggest moments and we don’t give them the first down? It’s a crime and travesty upon the great sport that I love. I think the NFL is potentially conspiring with the referees to stop this before it gains any steam. By this, I mean throwing the ball back to your biggest and best athlete then pushing him across the line. It’s a shame and a travesty, and I want answers.

Justice for Cole Strange, who made a cool as hell play.

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