The Outset Is Now on Amazon! Scarlett Johansson Shares Her Fave Products

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Nowadays, it seems like every celebrity has launched a beauty brand. However, few are as highly awarded as Scarlett Johansson‘s The Outset. After debuting in 2022, the botanical-based line quickly garnered attention for its no-frills yet effective offerings, and now everything from the line is officially available on Amazon!

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For Johansson, this was a years-long undertaking, and all she really wanted was to create products that worked. “I struggled with sensitive skin and acne for years, to the point that I wouldn’t leave the house without concealer on. The products that were supposed to fix my skin just made it worse,” she says“When I simplified my routine and nurtured my skin with moisture every day, my skin transformed. I knew that others must be facing the same challenges and that inspired me to start The Outset. I spent five years researching the problem and talking to product formulators before meeting my partner, Kate Foster.”

To celebrate the Amazon launch (and the brand’s Amazon live event, which happens today at 11 a.m.!), Johansson shared her top five favorite products from The Outset that have made a serious difference in her skin. Because of their gentle nature, anyone can use these. And who knows? They may just become your go-tos too!

1. The Outset Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

This cleanser — which happens to be one of Johansson’s all-time favorites — acts similarly to micellar water, quickly dissolving all traces of makeup, though the soothing gel texture offers added skincare benefits thanks to a mix of antioxidants and amino acids. “This is something I use every day, several times a day, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry,” Johansson says. “It’s gentle and even removes eye makeup!”

2. The Outset Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

Whether you’re new to skincare, looking to curate a solid, straightforward routine or simply don’t have much time in the morning, Johansson suggests The Outset’s three-step routine, which includes this lightweight serum. “I’ve always been fairly minimalist with my skincare routine but after becoming a mom I’m busier than ever and that has really forced me to keep my routine as short as possible. Most days I truly only cleanse, prep and moisturize.” This serum falls into the prep step, and truly packs a punch. The four-in-one formula firms, hydrates, plumps and brightens, and it immediately imparts a lit-from-within radiance onto skin.

3. The Outset Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer

By the time Johansson rounds out her morning routine with this nourishing moisturizer, it’s only taken her two minutes and 45 seconds to use all three products in the three-step system. “How’s that for efficiency?” she jokes. The airy cream rebalances and calms your complexion courtesy of powerful botanicals like olive-derived squalane, edelweiss extract, plum and avocado oils. Use morning and night for healthy, dewy skin.

4. The Outset Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm

“This product started out as a lip balm, and I found myself using it for my cuticles, knuckles . . . You can use it to smooth your flyaways, your elbows, everywhere, anywhere,” raves Johansson. “It doesn’t have any flavor, which is nice, but it has a really lovely botanical fragrance. I’m crazy about it. My makeup artist Frankie Boyd even uses it to give himself a glow all over his face.”

5. The Outset Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream 

For those whose skin leans dry, Johansson recommends using the restorative night cream to wake up to luminous skin. “The texture is so luxe and it deeply hydrates and restores skin overnight,” she says. “It also includes bakuchiol, a botanical alternative to retinol that helps improve the look of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles without the dryness or irritation associated with retinol.”

Looking for something else? Shop more from The Outset on Amazon here!

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