The Pirates’ gut-busting new hot dog is so Pittsburgh it hurts

Part of the MLB experience is checking out the weirdest new ballpark food, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are our early leader in the clubhouse with the new “Renegade Dog.”

It’s a footlong hot dog, slathered in pot roast, then covered in potato pierogis, pickles and caramelized onions. The entire thing will set you back $14.99, which really isn’t terrible considering you’re essentially getting three entire meals in one, albeit probably not ones which should be mixed together under any normal circumstances.

Pittsburgh loves just putting random foods together. It seems to be a defining characteristic of the city, and I’m kind of here for it. You’ve got the Pittsburgh Salad that has fries on top, Primanti Bros. sandwiches (also with fries on top) — now a hot dog covered in pierogis.

We’re all here for a good time, not a long time and the Pirates new hot dog will ensure both those things happen.

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