This Classy Cape Blazer Is Giving Chanel Taste on a McDonald’s Budget

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A blazer is a great way to spice up your regular outfit. You may not realize it, but you don’t have to relegate it to a classy outfit on a night out, either. You can use it to jazz up anything you wear, whether it’s a plain T-shirt and pants or a business casual look for work. And here’s another secret: You don’t have to use a regular blazer to do all that, either.

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No, in fact, the Scoop Cape Blazer, $44 at Walmart, is an extremely classy option that brings the best of both worlds together, as the name suggests: a blazer and a cape. You put it on, and the cape billows behind you like you’re Bruce Wayne protecting Gotham. And you feel ridiculously powerful, because that’s part of what capes help you do: feel powerful. And you don’t even have to spend that much to feel that way with this one.

Get the Scoop Cape Blazer for just $44 at Walmart!

This polyester jacket-cape is almost like a poncho, and it gives you a fun, off-the-shoulder drape look that commands attention. It has a relaxed, double-breast silhouette and peak lapel neckline, as well as two front pockets and a cinched waist that’ll leave you snatched. It’s so unique that people will be wondering where you got it, too.

Get the Scoop Cape Blazer for just $44 at Walmart!

So if you want to serve some serious slay on a fast-food budget (because let’s face it, even McDonald’s is ridiculous lately), this is the cape to do it with. You’ll feel like absolute royalty every time you step out in this look. Throw it on to get the mail. Head out to brunch in it. Wherever you go, you’ll be using your power stance. You are woman. The whole world will hear you roar.

Get the Scoop Cape Blazer for just $44 at Walmart!

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