Thursday’s Golf Tips: The 5 best ways to remain cool, hydrated on the golf course

July is here, and the heat came with it.

Golfers do not care how hot it is — they will play 18 regardless of the heat index. From raging storms to triple-digit temperatures, if someone has a tee time, they’re more often than not making it happen.

There are plenty of items that golfers can take with them on the cart to stay cool and hydrated.

An honorable mention is if someone is taking a caddie, think of them as well. Pack a couple of water bottles, an extra cooling rag, or something that will make a difference. They usually walk in that 100-degree weather, so make your experience better by showing love to the caddie. They will appreciate you even more if you think of them in this heat.

Remember to tip them if they did a good job as well. Again, they’re walking in hot conditions, chasing the ball all over; it is the least a player can do.

So, without further delay, let’s examine five things that will help players stay cool on the golf course and beat this heat.

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5. A Good hat to shade you from the sun and a solid SPF

The first step to staying cool on the golf course is wearing a hat that will shade you from the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen, either. Both are needed to not only stay cool but protect your skin.

Bucket hats are great for shading your face and neck. Joel Dahmen wears one after having cancer earlier in his life.

There are also options for breathable hats that help keep the head from overheating.

There are many different sunscreens on the market, but my favorite is the Super Goop. This company has mineral and regular sunscreen options.

SuperGoop, Golf

The SuperGoop Play Bundle | SuperGoop

Super Goop Sunscreen

SuperGoop is perfect for the golf course. It lasts a long time and is great with sweat. They have SPF 50 and 30, which is chock-full of antioxidants and other great ingredients for the skin.

The spray is great for the golf course, but they also have a fantastic mineral face and lip SPF product. We included the “Play Bundle” because it’s a great way to test the product.

Regardless of the sunscreen brand, having a hat and keeping the SPF on is crucial to enjoying golf this summer.

4. Hydration Tools

Purchase Liquid IV packets to put in water bottles or electrolyte tablets. Staying hydrated includes drinking water and replacing any lost electrolytes.

Purchase a pack of your favorite brand and stuff some of those into the golf bag. Having those on hand will be a lifesaver when an extra boost is needed.

3. Portable fan

A misting fan is incredible for the summer, especially while on the golf course. It keeps a steady breeze on you while providing a little spritz of water.

Amazon, Portable Misting Fan, golf

| Amazon

Portable Misting Fan

A portable misting fan that can be propped on the golf cart is essential during summer. This option has excellent reviews, and the price is not too steep.

People can also use wearable cooling devices. These gadgets sit around the necks and blow cool air around the head. Many women wore them at the Tour Championship last year, and they are another great option for staying cool while playing golf. If interested in one of those, here is the link for a portable neck fan.

2. Cooling Rags/ Cooler

Many people know about the Frogg Toogs Chilly Pad cooling towels, and it is time to buy one. Also, get a small cooler and keep ice in it. Drench the towel in water, and it will keep the heat away. These rags will keep you cool between shots and last for hours.

A cooler is great for snacks and drinks, but you can also throw in the towel to keep it colder longer.

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1. Emotional Support Water

Stay cool on the golf course by purchasing a water bottle. Channel your inner Rickie Fowler and snag a 30-40oz bottle to carry with you. Do not forget those stickers, either—they are a necessity.

Fill it up often because staying hydrated is essential in the summer.

The heat can drain you quickly, so the more water, the better. A reminder, though: While many people like cold water, it can shock your system on a hot day. Room-temperature water may not be as refreshing, but it does help the most with hydration.

If you insist on cold water, remember to sip it. Do not chug it, as that can also cause issues.

Those are the things to do this summer to beat the heat and keep playing golf.

What do you do to keep cool while playing golf during the summer? Sound off below with your favorite tip.

Savannah Leigh Richardson is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social platforms. You can also follow her on Twitter @SportsGirlSL and Instagram @savannah_leigh_sports.

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