Tomarket Launches Play-To-Earn Telegram Drop Game – Previously Funded by Bitget Wallet

Victoria, Seychelles, July 8th, 2024, Chainwire

The decentralized new asset trading platform Tomarket has recently launched a Telegram game, utilizing the game format to attract more users to crypto trading and promote the mass adoption of crypto.

Last week, Tomarket launched the Beta version of the Tomarket Drop Game and held the Sprouting Season event, allowing early users to lock in bonuses and earn $TOMATO points through daily logins, playing the game, and inviting new users, fully enjoying the incentives of participating in the game and early community building.

The game is now officially open to all users, allowing them to accumulate $TOMATO points in the game for free, which can later be exchanged for Tomarket’s official tokens. Thus, allowing early users to be able to get the growth upside of the project without any monetary investments. Since the launch of the beta version, the number of new users has now exceeded 700,000.

According to official sources, following the Drop Game, Tomarket will launch its main product: a decentralized trading platform for emerging asset classes, including Real World Assets (RWA), crypto asset yield swaps, crypto points, pre-TGE assets, and other new asset types. This platform aims to tap into the immense trillion-dollar market these assets represent.

Last month, Tomarket announced that it received funding from Bitget Wallet and Foresight X.

Bitget Wallet COO Alvin Kan said: “We are very optimistic about the vast market of the TON and Telegram ecosystem. Tomarket is a highly promising project within this ecosystem, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

About Tomarket

Tomarket is a decentralized new asset trading platform developed by engineers from renowned companies such as Binance and Microsoft, serving the trading of new assets like RWA, crypto bond rates, points, and pre-TGE assets.

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