Top 10 best superminis 2024

3. Skoda Fabia


Skoda has seen a clear march upmarket in recent years, and that suits some of its models better than others. Some have got a bit too expensive, but with the latest Fabia, Skoda has nailed the balance.

It’s no longer as cheap as it once was, but it’s still one of the more affordable options in the class. Nevertheless, it is one of the most spacious superminis on the market, with only the Honda Jazz offering more room.

The interior isn’t particularly plush, but it is, especially in some of the lower-spec versions, as intuitive as it gets, with big, simple buttons and ergonomics that are spot on.

The engine range is similarly no-nonsense, with no hybrids or diesels available. Instead, there’s a choice of three-pot petrols and one four-cylinder. We would avoid the weedy naturally aspirated models and go for the 95PS TSI turbo. The more powerful engines aren’t really worth the additional outlay.

Despite sharing much of its mechanical make-up with the Ibiza and Polo (also found on this list), the Fabia neatly differentiates itself with its driving experience. It’s not trying to be sporty or exciting; instead it rides extremely well without becoming frustratingly floaty in the corners.

The Fabia works best as a practical value option, but if you value tech like matrix LED headlights, driver-assistance systems and active safety features, or a big touchscreen and a digital gauge cluster, Skoda does offer all of those as options.

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