Toyota Hilux adds hybrid option for 2024

The idle speed has been reduced from 720rpm to 600rpm too, which, Toyota says, will make the truck easier to control.

The firm adds that special attention has been paid to waterproofing the new electrical components so the Hilux Hybrid can still wade at depths of up to 700mm. Load-lugging abilities are unchanged, with a maximum payload of 1000kg and towing capacity of 3500kg.

Prices will be revealed closer to the Hilux Hybrid’s mid-2024 launch date, but it will no doubt carry a small premium over the existing version.

Kwinten Sijs, senior manager for product marketing at Toyota Professional, said the mild hybrid does not pave the way for a plug-in hybrid version to rival the new Ford Ranger PHEV but other alternative powertrain options are on the cards for the Hilux.

toyota hilux hybrid 2023 06

“We are acting and thinking as a multi-pathway [manufacturer] and that goes for all our models, including Hilux, said Sijs. It is of course a global model, so this needs to be considered during development.

“Currently, there is no concrete plan in terms of alternative powertrains on top of this one, but for sure that is something which is being considered. Maybe in the coming months, there will be a more concrete roll-out of alternative powertrains for Hilux. But currently we still have to go with the ICE engine. It is a first, small step.”

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