Transforming prospecting: Laing+Simmons debuts new agent training academy

Laing+Simmons has launched a new training program set to supercharge agent’s lead conversion rates and generate more listings and sales.

The Prospecting Academy is a bespoke, 22 week course exclusive to Laing+Simmons agents and is designed to equip agents with proven skills and strategies to give them the competitive advantage from the start of the customer engagement and sales journey.

With special guest trainers, including high profile industry leaders, the course will cover everything from buyer qualifying and matching to cold-calls and call-backs.

Agents will also learn how to leverage social media, push through rejection, how to create listing buzz and the art of following up. 

Laing+Simmons Head of Network Performance, Angela Avgerinos, and Head of People & Growth Jacqui Barnes joined forces to develop the academy, leaving no stone unturned in their bid to equip agents of all levels with a comprehensive prospecting toolkit. 

 “From the agent perspective, prospecting is the launchpad for the entire sales function but is considered by many as a matter of chance,” Ms Avgerinos said.

Regardless of an agent’s experience or track record, we believe there’s a more appropriate mindset and skill-set to bring to prospecting which agents can and should take real ownership of.

“People can baulk at cold-calling. 

“In the news recently, we’ve heard some young agents in particular are averse to even picking up the phone. 

“The Prospecting Academy recognises that these and other skills can not only be taught, but that perceived agent weaknesses can become genuine strengths.”

Ms Barnes said The Prospecting Academy was an important addition to the company’s comprehensive suite of training and development programs. 

“More than just an investment in cutting-edge resources and insights from the best-of-the-best in the industry, The Prospecting Academy exemplifies our commitment to equip Laing+Simmons agents with everything they need to excel in today’s competitive market,” she said.

“It’s a dedicated program aimed at elevating prospecting capabilities in a way that’s new to the industry, one which will revolutionise our approach to sales training and supporting our network partners and the agents in their teams.”

Accountability measures will be embedded in the academy course and an overall prospecting winner will be crowned at the end of the year.

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