UFL team pulls off perfect trick play on fake punt for utterly ridiculous touchdown

The UFL is only two games into their inaugural season and already putting together some of the greatest football moments of all time. In the San Antonio Brahmas 27-12 upset over the DC Defenders, Brahmas head coach Wade Phillips (yes, you read that right) called up the greatest fake field goal known to man, because the person who scored was the CENTER.

No, not the long snapper who was at the center of the line, but the center who snaps the ball on all the offensive plays during the Brahmas’ victory.

It’s a really impressive design, being able to hide who all is eligible, letting C Alex Mollette run free into the middle of the field on a delayed release. After the shift and the snap of the ball, nobody sees Mollette streaking to the middle of the field, then the rest is big man history.

Running this on 4th and 11 is also incredibly bold, and it took a pretty good job of processing by P Brad Wing to get to what Phillips called his third read in the play. Mollette isn’t even supposed to be getting the ball! Wing said on the sideline after the play that the wheel route to the tight end was supposed to be the one and only read, but Wing improvised and made himself a UFL legend.

This is why we come to the UFL. For moments like this, plays like this. This is what makes football great. More big men touchdowns please.

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